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HACCP Consultancy

What is Hazard Analysis?

Hazard analysis is a method of looking at any food business; operation or process and making sure that anything in the food or its handling which could cause harm to the consumer is properly controlled. Under the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 it a legal responsibility for all food businesses to make sure that this is carried out and kept up to date.

For the smaller business, Hazard Analysis can be a daunting and time-consuming task and a simplified system may be more appropriate. We can advise you

What are the benefits of HACCP?

  • Control of food safety, protecting the customer and the reputation of the business
  • Reduced risk of food poisoning from the food produced
  • Reduced risk of prosecution
  • Increases the quality of the product
  • Ensured compliance with food safety law

How can we help? We can help by:

  • Designing your Food Hazard Analysis system
  • Helping you in setting up a Quality Assurance system
  • Carrying out an initial audit
  • Checking the system is fully operational
  • Carrying out regular audits to maintain the system

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