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Food Safety Audits

Auditing is a valuable management technique that is highly recommended by the Food Standards Agency.

An audit will show exactly how you measure up to legal requirements, and whether your performance is up to standard. It will act as a benchmark from which you can form a health and safety plan.

The key benefits of adopting independent safety auditing are:

  • Reduced risk of legal action for non-compliance
  • Minimised chance of accidents, injuries and reduced risk of liabilities
  • Increased employee awareness of food safety issues and responsibilities
  • Enhanced employee involvement and understanding of food safety
  • Improved working environment
  • Reduced risk of food contamination, food poisoning

The Scope of the Audit

It will examine your own management policies and procedures for securing food safety. This is supported by a tour of inspection which will help identify areas where new policies are needed, and where existing procedures are not working effectively in practice.

We will prepare and submit a comprehensive written report that identifies where attention is needed. It will explain what action is needed, and why. Recommendations will be broken down into three categories:

  • Those that must be addressed because they are a legal requirement
  • Those that are good practice and should be addressed
  • Other enhancements that are worth considering

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