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Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Complaints Procedure


Norman Gentry Consulting is always interested in the views of customers about the quality of our services. We will listen carefully to any views that are put forward and where problems are identified we will take remedial action.

Our Commitments

  • We will respond to all complaints promptly.
  • We will seek to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome for all parties connected with the complaint.
  • No individual or company shall be disadvantaged as a result of making a complaint.
  • We will act as the agency responsible for investigating all complaints against the services we provide.
  • If, following the investigation of the complaint, it is not possible to reach a resolution; we will confirm this position, in writing, to the customer.


In order to clarify and resolve the complaint we encourage all customers to use the following procedure:

  1. Anyone with a concern about our procedures or service may wish to try to resolve the matter quickly by telephone on 01228 549508.
  2. A formal complaints process can be entered into via the completion and submission of the Customer Complaint Form. The Form, and a copy of this complaints procedure, can be requested by telephone on 01228 549508
  3. Submit the Customer Complaint Form by email or post. We aim to send an initial acknowledgement of receipt within 3 working days and a full response within 15 working days. If we cannot respond fully within 15 working days, we will keep the customer informed on the progress of our investigation.
  4. We will investigate the complaint in full and liaise with the customer, throughout the investigation. We will ensure fairness and impartiality in the investigation of the complaint and provide a full explanation of the procedure and outcome in writing.
  5. If the customer is still dissatisfied having followed all the stages of the complaints procedure, details of the complaint should be sent to the Chief Executive who will ensure that the matter is fully and properly considered. This should be sent to:
    Norman Gentry,
    Norman Gentry Consulting,
    19 Lansdowne Court
    Ca3 9HW


  1. The member of staff who is most directly involved with the complaint will first be given the opportunity to investigate and resolve the complaint under the supervision of their Senior Manager.
  2. If Norman Gentry Consulting is unable to satisfactorily resolve the complaint, we will confirm this to the customer in writing.
  3. If complaints cannot be resolved they will be submitted to an arbitration service.

Post Investigation

Where corrective action is possible to resolve the complaint, this will be undertaken in full agreement and co-operation with the complainant.

We will learn from the complaint and review working practices accordingly. Where this results in Norman Gentry Consulting changing the way we operate we will keep the customer informed.


All parties during the process will agree to conduct the proceedings in an open, judicious and respectful manner. This will include:

  1. Requesting meetings by appointment only.
  2. Communicating directly with each other, or where appropriate, via a recognised intermediary.
  3. All interactions will be formally recorded and agreed as a true record by all parties.
  4. The proceedings will deal in facts and not be influenced by personalities and subjective views.

Appeals Procedure

Fair Assessment

Associated with the implementation of the NVQ and Key Skills standards is the candidate's right to have access to fair and reliable assessment in which he/she plays a full part. If this access is the be meaningful the candidate must have the right to appeal against assessment decisions which are clear or seem unfair. If a candidate is unhappy with an assessment decision then they have the right to appeal.

Pre Assessment

Each candidate must be informed verbally by the assessor, of their right to appeal and how the process may be initiated.

Stage 1

The candidate must raise the issue with the assessor during or at the end of the assessment session. The assessor needs to reconsider the rationale underpinning the decision and provide clear feedback. If upholding the original assessment decision the candidate must be provided with details of the evidence which has not yet been provided. This should be clearly marked on the Assessment Plan Form, relevant for the particular unit.

Stage 2

If the candidate remains unhappy with the decision they must make a formal written statement on the Appeals Form provided by the assessor. The completed Appeals Form must be returned to the assessor or lead internal verifier within 24 hours of the assessment. The Appeals Form will be passed to the centre co-ordinator. A decision will be made and the candidate informed of the decision verbally and in writing. If the candidate remains unhappy with the decision then the matter must go for a panel decision.

Policies and Procedures

Norman Gentry Consulting fully supports the principles of equality and diversity, safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults and the right to a fair assessment. We are committed to satisfying these principles in all our activities and published material.

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