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Equality and Diversity Policy

1 Introduction

1.1 Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd, as a C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds registered centre, is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all throughout the delivery of courses and assessment leading to the completion of C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds qualifications or units. This commitment is irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, sexuality, religion or belief or marital or civil partnership status.

1.2 Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd is committed to ensuring that all candidates are treated fairly and equally in order to help and encourage them to reach their full potential through training and development.

1.3 This policy complies with current Great Britain and Northern Ireland legislation. It is reviewed regularly to ensure that any changes to current legislation are reflected in the policy.

1.4 If Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd is delivering courses in another country, due consideration is given to any geographical variations in, or additional, equality and diversity legislative requirements.

1.5 Due to the nature of the C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds qualifications and units delivered by Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd (with training courses of between one and five days’ duration), equality and diversity monitoring is required to be an ‘active’ process that is concurrent with the delivery of the training. For example, it may not be possible to address issues of access or reasonable adjustment requirements until the candidate arrives on the day of training.

1.6 As a C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds registered centre, Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd complies with the procedures contained in the C.I.E.H. Procedure Manual, which is updated annually. This includes arrangements for access, assessment of training needs, reasonable adjustment and special consideration.

1.7 The C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds monitors the commitment of Norman Gentry Consulting to equality and diversity through regular audit.

2 Candidates

2.1 It is the responsibility of Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd to make all candidates aware of both the C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds’s and the centre’s commitment to and implementation of equal opportunities through the provision of the Candidate Charter and the centre’s equality and diversity policy.

2.2 Candidates are invited to contact the C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds at any time about any issues relating to equal opportunities, in order that it can take action to address any inequalities.

2.3 Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd encourages candidates to provide certain details for equality and diversity monitoring, which is collected on assessment forms and returned to the C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds

2.4 Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd also encourages all candidates to provide feedback to the centre and the C.I.E.H. / R.S.P.H. /H.A.B.C. / City and Guilds on their learning experience, by responding to a questionnaire issued at the end of each course, with specific reference to their experience of access and equality of opportunity. This method is used as it is not possible to obtain this feedback face to face due to the duration of the training for C.I.E.H. qualifications and units provided (between one and five days).

3 Monitoring of compliance with equality and diversity

3.1 All feedback, both formal and informal, from candidates, employers, clients or other interested parties, is reviewed by Norman Gentry Consulting Ltd. If any changes to the centre’s policies or procedures are considered necessary to maintain compliance, these are actioned as soon as possible.

reviewed: May 2015

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